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This is a book about how to swim with the sharks while living like a dolphin. It provides a unique mix of cunning and integrity—as if Machiavelli and Stephen Covey got together and wrote a book on the rules for living. Without being either pessimistic or cynical, the book deals with some hard truths about human nature that we ignore at our peril. The authors’ advice is both practical and tactical on topics such as dealing with conflict, office politics, difficult personalities, and not letting others take advantage of you. Master these techniques and you’ll be adept at handling the worst in others, while strengthening what’s best in yourself.
~ Tim Ward, author of Indestructible You and The Master
Communicator’s Handbook

Every person experiencing interpersonal conflict or cut-throat competition should read this book. I have personally benefited from Dr. Bruner’s consultation and highly recommend his book. It is the opposite of psycho-babble: concrete, specific, and dynamic.
~ Robert W. Forster, President and CEO, Forster Financial

Modern Machiavelli provides key insights and inspiration to propel your life dramatically forward!
~ William Eager, speaker, corporate strategist and best-selling author

Modern Machiavelli: 13 Laws of Power, Persuasion and Integrity is a book that crosses the areas of business, psychology, self-help, and ethics. It is a realist’s manual for effective persuasion and conflict management.
~ Christine Joo, Ed.D., Christine Joo Psychotherapy

Dr. Bruner and Philip Eager have provided a much-needed treatise on the basic behavioral “laws” that all of us need to fully understand if we are to truly work together to solve the many issues facing society. This book is not designed to show you how to manipulate co-workers, friends, and family members, but rather provides the reader with a strategic awareness of the many facets that may be in play when individuals interact, regardless of the situation. This book is a must for the reader who is interested in a layman’s dive into moral development and offers approaches, through professional insight and examples, on how to uphold the “fairness” expectations that many of us have grown up with,without compromising our core values that make us who we are.
~ David White, Ph.D., Associate Dean of Research, University of Tennessee

I’ve completed reading  the “13 Laws…” It is a great read, with many kernels for the novice and the veteran. I must admit that for some undiscovered misreading or possibly faulty orientation, I began reading this as a guide for the would-be successful team captain. As I neared the end, I was reading it more as a self-development guide for one assuming a leadership role. Were I in a career development, or career workshop environment, I would adopt it as course material. The tidy summaries of psychological theories  are tantalizing probes or starters for the novice.
~ Harold Cheatham, Ph.D., Dean and Professor Emeritus of Counseling and Education Leadership, Clemsom University

[Author’s note: We were very humbled to receive this statement from Dr. Cheatham. He is truly a legend. He was also a Founding Dean and Professor at Penn State.]

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3 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. This is the book I wished I’d read before encountering a narcissist co-worker. The 13 laws helped me practically analyze and make sense of her behavior as well as put together a plan to deal with it. I’ve read other books out there about psychopaths, narcissists and the like that teach you theoretical aspects. They didn’t really prepare me to identify and deal with them in real life though. This book, however, gives you easy to follow and practical advice. There are more of them out there than you’d think. In my opinion, this book should be an essential part of any leadership or managerial training. Highly recommended!


  2. Are you looking for a blueprint to help you navigate the nooks and crannies of life? You don’t have to fail miserably by trial and error. Here is a realistic, practical book , full of wisdom to guide you in your journey. Simple, direct, easy to read and understand. I highly recommend this to my family, friends and students.


  3. Most of the “how to succeed in business” books I have read focus on practices and techniques to ensure success as if all employees and customers came out of the same psychological mold. In those books I have read, it seems to me that the one-size-fits-all approach is standard practice regardless of the various personality types or character traits one might encounter.
    This book by Bruner and Eager is refreshingly different. It examines in detail the vast array of negative mindsets and tactics employed by customers and coworkers then gives specific strategies and approaches which may be effective in dealing with them. The authors effectively challenge readers to examine their own mindset when responding to the different traits, tactics, personality types and disorders.
    Kudos to the authors for identifying so many different psychological faces with which a reader may be challenged. More kudos to the authors for all the effective strategies which may be employed.


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